Cap And Trade And Forged Letters

National Journal published a piece on the scandal surrounding a grassroots lobbying firm that allegedly forged letters to Members of Congress opposing the cap and trade legislation.  The grassroots lobbying firm allegedly sent the letters on fake stationary falsely stating that the nonprofits opposed the cap and trade legislation.  A congressional committee is investigating the matter and the pro-regulation groups are using the alleged bad acts of one firm to taint an entire industry.

On a related note, an organization apparently released a fraudulent press release using the Chamber of Commerce’s logo claiming that the Chamber had changed its position on the cap and trade legislation.  The Chamber immediately disclaimed the press release and is now investigating the matter to determine an appropriate course of action.  The Politico story on the Chamber matter can be found here.  I wonder if the pro-regulation groups will react with the same gusto to the Chamber matter as they have to the matter discussed above.  Is this a matter of principle for the pro-regulation groups, or political expediency?

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