Lobbyists For Obama – The First Soft Money Ads Of The 2012 Presidential Election Are Sponsored By A Lobbyist Organization

It appears that the Democratic soft money group that fired the first shots in the 2012 presidential election is a Super PAC established or controlled by lobbyists.  I am not sure I have seen this reported anywhere.  The Priorities USA Action FEC Form 1 clearly states that the organization is a “Lobbyist/Registrant PAC.”  The FEC Form 1 Instructions require any PAC, including a super PAC such as Priorities USA Action,  that is established or controlled by a lobbyist or a registrant (an entity that employs lobbyists), to identify itself as such by checking the appropriate box on Page 2, Line 5(f). 

Clearly, the President’s number one soft money supporter was established and is controlled by lobbyists.  Who knew?

UPDATE:  Here are some articles discussing Priorities USA Action’s South Carolina ad:

Hotline On Call, Priorities USA Hits Romney In S.C. Ad

Politico, Priorities USA Action Hits Romney In First Ad

Update II:  Ben Smith at Politico reminds us that Harold Ickes is involved with Priorities USA Action.

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