FEC Likely To Deadlock On Citizens United Rulemaking

BNA Money & Politics Report published an article this morning discussing the Citizens United rulemaking and interviews with Federal Election Commission Chair Cynthia Bauerly and Vice Chair Caroline Hunter.  The bottom line — it appears that there is no consensus on the FEC regarding how to proceed with the necessary rulemakings to implement the United States Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision.  The FEC is scheduled to consider the Citizens United rulemaking at tomorrow’s open meeting.

The draft rulemaking favored by the Democratic Commissioners seeks comments on a wide range of subjects such as greater disclosure requirements for outside groups and strengthening the foreign national ban – many of the same subjects included in the DISCLOSE Act that failed to pass the last Congress.  The draft rulemaking favored by the Republicans, on the other hand, seeks to simply implement the Court’s decision and does not request comments from the regulated community on the DISCLOSE Act subjects.

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