“2010 Battle Over Citizens United Ruling Still Unresolved As 2012 Campaign Looms”

BNA Money & Politics Reports published an article this morning that lays out the campaign finance reformer view of the campaign finance legislative and regulatory landscape.  The article discusses one campaign finance reformer’s belief that reform community may have an opportunity to push for passage of a scaled back version of the DISCLOSE Act championed by Congressional Democrats in the last Congress.  I would say that view is overly optimistic, at best.

The article also discusses the campaign finance reform community’s efforts to preserve the draconian rules imposed on national, state, and local party committees by McCain-Feingold.  I disagree with their positions and efforts.  The political party system is in need of some relief from the stifling federal rules that govern every aspect of their operations.  The state political parties, and the county and local party committees in particular, are largely volunteer organizations performing the important tasks of registering voters, identifying the party’s adherents, and turning these voters out to the polls during early voting and on Election Day.  The time has come for the regulated community to take a hard look at the impact of these regulations on these important players in the political process.

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