President Complains About Independent Political Speech in Weekly Address

The President used his weekly address to complain about the independent expenditures and issue advocacy advertisements criticizing his policies and the Democratic Majorities in Congress.  The ads are sponsored by a number of conservative groups and trade associations.  He focused his criticism on the business community, and did not mention labor unions or reference any of the left-leaning soft money groups airing ads supporting Democratic candidates.

He also incorrectly stated that the United States Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision permits foreign controlled corporations to influence our elections.  The ban on foreign nationals – including foreign controlled corporation – participating on our elections remains intact, even after Citizens United.  This is the same claim the President made during the State of the Union that caused Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to famously shake his head and utter “not true.”

This is the second time in less than a month that the White House has used the weekly address to discuss a campaign finance issue.  I cannot remember the last time the issue of campaign finance has received this much attention from the highest levels of the federal government.

The Washington Post article discussing the President’s remarks can be found here.  The White House YouTube Channel listing the video can be found here.

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