Fair Elections Now Act To Prohibit Joint Fundraising Committees Between Federal Candidates and PACs or Party Committees

Section 104 of H.R. 6116, the Fair Election Now Act, apparently seeks to prohibit federal candidates from establishing joint fundraising committees with federal political action committees or political party committees.  The legislative language does not appear to prohibit federal candidates from establishing joint fundraising committees with other federal candidates.

If adopted, the biggest losers will be the state party committees that frequently establish joint fundraising committees with their federal candidates.  The state parties desperately need these hard dollars to finance their GOTV, voter registration and other activities that increase participation in the political process.  The inclusion of this provision in the bill reveals a fundamental misunderstanding by the pro-regulation groups about the important work performed by state and local parties.

I am a bit puzzled about why the pro-regulation groups continue to push policies that inflict such significant damage on state and local party committees.  These committees are staffed largely by volunteers who do the hard work of asking their family and friends to vote – a noble civic duty.

So we now know that the Fair Election Now Act is about diverting federal tax dollars from other important programs and into the campaign accounts of federal politicians – a federal candidate bailout scheme.  At the same time, it is going to further diminish the hard money available to state and local party committees to finance voter registration and GOTV activities.

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