Campaign Finance – FEC Approves Two Advisory Opinions On Independent Expenditure PACs

The Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) just announced that it approved two advisory opinions on independent expenditure PACs (“IE PACs”).  From the FEC press release:

In Advisory Opinion 2010-09 (Club for Growth), the Commission concluded that Club for Growth — a 501(c)(4) corporation — could establish and administer a political committee that will make only independent expenditures, that will register and report with the Commission, and that will solicit unlimited contributions solely from individuals in the general public, including contributions given for specific independent expenditures.

In Advisory Opinion 2010-11 (Commonsense Ten), the Commission concluded that Commonsense Ten, a registered nonconnected political committee that intends to make only independent expenditures, and that will report the contributions it accepts and the independent expenditures it makes, may solicit and accept unlimited contributions from individuals, political committees, corporations and labor organizations for the purpose of making independent expenditures.

Commissioner Walther dissented in both Advisory Opinions and issued a statement.

The full FEC press release can be found here.

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