Campaign Finance – Backroom Maneuvering On DISCLOSE Act

The Washington Post reports that Congressional Democrats and their special interest allies are negotiating behind closed doors to determine whether to exempt specific groups from the DISCLOSE Act’s draconian disclosure requirements.  Apparently, labor unions and a number of liberal and conservative nonprofits oppose the draconian disclosure requirements because the groups believe the requirements will chill political speech. 

Also, there is an interesting paragraph buried at the end of the article where yet another union official states that the DISCLOSE Act is not even-handed when it comes to the legislation’s application to unions versus corporations:

Amaya Tune, a spokeswoman for the AFL-CIO, told Bloomberg this week that “the final bill should treat corporations different than democratic organizations such as unions. We believe the legislation should counter the excessive and disproportionate influence by big business and guarantee effective disclosure of who is paying for what.”

Roll Call ($) also published an article on the backroom maneuvering between Congressional Democrats and their special interest allies.

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