Washington Post Conducts Poll On Citizens United

The Washington Post published an article this morning releasing the results of a poll on whether respondents support or oppose the Supreme Court’s holding in Citizens United v. FEC.  The article states that respondents overwhelmingly oppose the Citizens United holding on a bipartisan basis.  I suspect that the polling results were largely driven by the phrasing of the questions.  The two polling questions on Citizens United can be found here.  The cross tabs were not released.

Here are a few suggested questions for a future poll about the Citizens United decision:

  • Do you believe that the free speech guarantees of the First Amendment are a core American value?
  • Do you believe that the government has the authority to ban books containing campaign speech as argued by the federal government before the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case?  Should the federal government be permitted to impose criminal or civil penalties for simply engaging in political speech? 
  • Should the federal campaign finance laws be designed to silence critics of incumbent Members of Congress and the Administration?  Do you believe that the ability to criticize the government and its actions is protected by the First Amendment?
  • Did you know that an overwhelming number of corporations in the United States are small businesses?  Did you know that most jobs are created by small businesses?  In this jobless recession, should the business community be permitted to express its political views regarding the economic policies of the Administration and Members of Congress and the government officials who formulate the policies?
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