Express Advocacy – Political Law News Summary

Marc Ambinder published an interesting post reporting that corporate spending on grassroots lobbying and direct lobbying has already eclipsed the election spending by the Democratic and Republican National Committees. 

BNA Money & Politics Reports ($) published an article this morning updating the Republican National Committee v. Federal Election Commissioncase.  The three judge panel has requested additional briefing regarding the Citizens United decision’s impact on the case.   BNA also reports that the Obama Administration’s budget contains a request for $68.8 million for the FEC for fiscal year 2011.

National Journal published a post discussing the Citizens United decision’s impact on lower federal court proceedings concerning the constitutionality of other McCain-Feingold provisions.  The piece highlight’s the decision’s narrow definition of corruption, the only permissible justification for limiting political activities, and laments that this aspect of the decision may be its greatest impact on campaign finance issues. 

CQ Politics published an article on Primary Day in Illinois.  Today, Illinois voters will choose each party’s nominees for Governor, Senate, Congress, and other offices.

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