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Today’s news summary looks at two issues – the v. FECcase and Justice Samuel Alito’s reaction to the President’s statements about the Citizens United v. FEC decision in his State of the Union speech before Congress last night. v. FEC coverage:

The National Journal’s Under The Influence Blog reports that the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) attorney, the attorney defending the federal campaign finance laws in the case, faced a skeptical federal court panel yesterday during arguments in the wake of the Citizens United v. FECdecision.  Apparently, the FEC’s standard arguments about circumvention and independent speech having a corrupting influence were not well received by some of the judges.

BNA Money & Politics Reports ($) published a similar story this morning.

SOTU & Justice Alito:

Politico published a post on Justice Alito’s reaction to President Obama’s criticisms of Citizens United v. FEC during his State of the Union speech last night.  The post includes a video clip.  I agree with Justice Alito.

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