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“How Republicans Are Looking To Close The Digital Divide Against Democrats”

The National Journal reports on how some Republican technology consultants believe the Republican Party can upgrade its technological capabilities to be more competitive in the upcoming elections.

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Federal Aggregate Biennial Contribution Limits At Issue in Latest Supreme Court Case

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear a constitutional challenge to the biennial aggregate contribution limits applicable to individuals under federal law in McCutcheon, et al. v. FEC.  The biennial aggregate contribution limits apply for a two-year election … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance – John J. Sullivan’s FEC Nomination Withdrawn By White House

John J. Sullivan’s nomination to the Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) was withdrawn by the White House yesterday.  Mr. Sullivan, a labor union lawyer, was nominated to fill Democratic Commissioner Ellen Weintraub’s seat on the FEC.  Commissioner Weintraub is a holdover … Continue reading

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DISCLOSE Act Update – Backroom, Special Interest Deal Fractures Support For Legislation

The fall out resulting from the backroom deal that will exempt the National Rifle Association from the DISCLOSE Act’s draconian disclosure requirements continues to play out.  Yesterday, U.S. PIRG and the Sierra Club announced their opposition to the DISCLOSE Act … Continue reading

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FEC News – Open Meeting Today

The Federal Election Commission is holding an open meeting today at 10 am.  The agenda includes the draft advisory opinion for the National Democratic Redistricting Trust, proposed interim enforcement policy for state volunteer mail, and final rules and explanation and … Continue reading

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President May Select SCOTUS Nominee Next Month

The Hill reports that administration officials believe the President will select his nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens no later than the end of May.  However, the article also states that the announcement may come in the … Continue reading

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Dems Tap O’Shea To Head National Democratic Redistricting Trust

Roll Call ($) reports that Democrats have named Casey O’Shea, former national field director for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, to serve as executive director for the National Democratic Redistricting Trust (“NDRT”).  NDRT submitted an advisory opinion request to the … Continue reading

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Citizens United – States Changing Laws To Comply With Decision

The Washington Post published a piece discussing the actions taken by a number of states to comply with the United States Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC.

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Express Advocacy – FEC News Update

The Federal Election Commission’s Weekly Digest for the week of March 15-19 is now available.

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Disclosure Emerges As Another Battle Front In The Post-Citizens United World

The New York Times published an article today discussing the issue of donor disclosure for nonprofit corporations and other organizations that may sponsor express advocacy advertisements.  The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the disclaimer and disclosure requirements for express advocacy advertisements … Continue reading

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Express Advocacy – Political Law News Summary

Today’s news summary looks at two issues – the v. FECcase and Justice Samuel Alito’s reaction to the President’s statements about the Citizens United v. FEC decision in his State of the Union speech before Congress last night. … Continue reading

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Office of Congressional Ethics Fires Back At House Ethics Committee

The Office of Congressional Ethics (“OCE”) released a public response to the criticisms made by the House Ethics Committee regarding OCE’s conduct in an investigation of a Member of Congress.  The preamble and introduction to the OCE response states: On … Continue reading

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Cap And Trade And Forged Letters

National Journal published a piece on the scandal surrounding a grassroots lobbying firm that allegedly forged letters to Members of Congress opposing the cap and trade legislation.  The grassroots lobbying firm allegedly sent the letters on fake stationary falsely stating … Continue reading

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